Looking to redesign your kitchen but unsure where to start?

Our free kitchen cabinet design consultation and comprehensive redesign services will guide you through every step. From taking initial measurements to finalizing the design and adjustments, we're dedicated to making your kitchen renovation seamless and stress-free. Contact us now for special guidance and designs.

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Free Design Consultation and Custom Redesigns

Embark on a journey to reimagine your kitchen with our redesign services. We understand the challenges of starting a kitchen renovation, so we offer a comprehensive process to ease your worries and ignite your imagination.

  • Personalized Guidance: We assist you in taking initial measurements and images, ensuring every detail of your space is considered.
  • Custom Preliminary Designs: Our team crafts a preliminary drawing to establish a basic layout and budget for your needs.
  • In-depth Consultation: Enjoy a free design consultation in our showroom or your home, allowing for hands-on adjustments and product reviews.
  • Precise Site Visits: We confirm on-site measurements to ensure accuracy and make necessary design adjustments.
  • Detailed Planning Support: Receive comprehensive drawings, appliance specs, and specialized instructions for plumbing, electrical, or renovation work, making implementation a breeze.

Thinking About a Kitchen Makeover?

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Emcab Kitchen offers free kitchen cabinet design consultation across Winnipeg, Steinbach, Brandon, Winkler/Morden, and Selkirk.